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Holy 'Hammerhead shark' Batman, that is cool!!!

You see where this is going right? (Men in white coats due imminently)


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you have to give the russkies credit, they dont build things by half, they build 'em by double!!!!!

Carl Dowd

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Yeah I saw that Pyrene... awesome eh? I've tried to retain one for our 3 yearly exercise 'Marsh Monkey'... I can just see it landing at Culbin Sands..?



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Sometimes they don't get it quite right though...

Russian Mi-8 Take off from water - YouTube

These people have an odd way about the practical side to water crash training. I do not care how much vodka they had right then this sh*t looked intentional. Must have been pre free market society era, but one can never say since the Russians only use good cameras for their porn industry, the rest they use that old stuff so they can say it is old footage if it ever leaks.