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New Member
Nov 10, 2016
Q. What area of the Security Industry are you interested in?
A. Close Protection,RST,surveillance,Door Supervision.

Q. Do you represent a company, if so what's the company name and your role?
A. Yes Im a joint Director in a combatives training company based in the NE of the UK called MCS and our website is here: www.mcscombat.com

Q. What do you hope to gain from the Close Protection World forum?
A. For now looking for input into a CP combatives module we are developing. I'm hoping to attarct a couple of experienced CP operators to gain practical advice on common scenarios and threats, working practices and restrictions, along with some practical reality testing of the content. For this support we offer a free days training to those attached to this site for the duration of the R and D phase. Either DM me or go to the site for contact details. If you have time check the site and do include the review tab.

Q. Tell our members something about yourself?
A. Ive been involved in combatives training for over 40 years and have taught nationally and overseas, predominantly to police and military. I use Fretman as my username as my next passion is playing guitar although the time put in seldom equates to the sound I hear!

Q. How did you find our website Close Protection World?
A. Google

Q. Please add anything else you like below.


Longterm Registered User
Jan 2, 2009
Welcome to the forum - you may struggle getting involvement, the forum's a little quiet at the minute, and you need to invest in your website.
As you'll know from your many years' experience, CP guys and ExMilitary are very sceptical, lots of Walts out there, and your website looks like it was thrown together by a couple of teenagers in their bedroom.
You could be amazing at what you do, but webdesign isn't one of them - you're trying to portray a professional image and attract support and customers, so they need confidence in what they're buying.
It's like when a CV lands on your desk, if it doesn't grab you in the first 10 seconds, you move on and you potentially miss an amazing operator (who's just crap at writing CVs)
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