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I have recently completed the Advanced Close Protection Course. In order to complete my SIA training i need to take the medical part along with the SIA test. I have found a vendor who is willing to give me the second part at the end of Sept or first of October. If there is anyone else in the same predicament as me and would like to finish the training before then they have agreed that if i can find several other people we could proceed with the course in the next couple weeks.

I would like to apply for the SIA License as I need to get back to work ASAP. At my previous employer we were not required to be SIA licensed for security.

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What 'advanced' close protection course did you complete; that did not allow you to take the exam?


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Exactly my thoughts! You should have sat an exam at the end of the course, as you didn't I am wondering was your course accreditted by an awarding body.

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I think you need to go back to your provider & ask who their accrediting body is!!

Have you done a CP cse prior to this, i only ask becouse i haven't heard of an advanced CP cse (if there is one, can someone please enlighten me)

If you haven't sat the exam is there a reason? any other provider will want to know also which company taught you & what you covered during your cse.

Some companies dont cover the HSE FAAW in their cse, so you will have to find another provider for that, but i will be suprised if any training provider will give you the exam without assessing you themselves, we don't want to put anyone we haven't taught through the tests in case they're crap & fail.

Sorry if this sounds harsh mate, but your name counts for a great deal in this industry, especially as a training provider!

Mate it sounds seriously dodgy.

James Mc
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Not to mention completion of whatever companies coursework requirements... Its not just an exam; there SHOULD be a portfolio type requirement on any decent course which is submitted for verification by external verifiers should the accrediting company wish to look.