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Medical Vacancies Iraq


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Jul 2, 2015
Ladies and Gents
Your probably aware that there is a start to the new demand for Security in Iraq and the Middle East. With this I will strongly keep saying, work for the money you deserve, if it involves weapons it goes up. Get yourself trained and qualified, dust the 511s off and get up to speed with who's who and what's what.
Top tip Look at the new FPOS1 medical side, it will change in JANUARY. Be warned its going from a BTEC level 2 to a Level 4 so lots more involved. Get trained up guys.
If you need any help you know where I work. The Off Shore Medic course is designed for experienced medics, please don't apply if you are not practicing medic with no interest in the medic side of life just to get a job. The OSM is designed for more advanced style of medical practices than just Trauma. The guys who are the medics out there, come on down and get requalled and upskilled. To the MIRA guys, hey if you want me to focus on what's more relevant to your work role let me know on the course and I will spend dedicated time with you, no dramas your paying me-get your moneys worth.

Stay safe out there and play nice.
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