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MERT Nurse

Aug 21, 2009
I'm after some advice about entering the security world.
I'm just leaving the RAF and have completed tours doing Mert in Afganistan, Iraq, Bosnia and NI in the 80s. So think I have a good training and expertise in trauma care etc. I enjoy deploying and the close work of working with professionals. I want to continue this in my retirement (lol). U am booked onto the offshore medic course next month as this seems to be a standard that is asked for. (This is what my resettlement money is being spent on).
I keep myself reasonably fit and working in remote and austere conditions doesn't phase me.
Would it be worth me completing a CP course, and what would be the chances of work if I did invest my own money on a course.
All advice gratefully received.
Many thanks


Longterm Registered User
Oct 29, 2007
If you want to work offshore you wont need a CP course/SIA License. If you want to work say with companies like Olive, CRG or other such Security companies in Iraq or Afghan then you would probably qualify as a Tier II Medic with what you have already done in the RAF but they would most likely want you to have done a CP course and have your SIA CP license. My advice would be do your offshore medic as you are already booked on it, go offshore and get some cash behind you and then if you feel you want to move into CP approach Security companies and see what feedback you get. CP is very competitive right now, their are an awful lot of disillusioned NHS Paramedics with a military background jumping ship onto the circuit, a CP course will not guarantee you a job!
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