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Due to instructors assignments the March 19th HECPO/PSD course will now commence on 13th MARCH. All else remains the same bar the odd adjustment to course content in line with our policies.

To recap:

The HECPO/PSD courses are generally aimed at those with a Military/ Police background or to those civilians working within the Hostile Environment Close Protection field of operations.

MSI course lasts for 10 days and provides students with the necessary skills to work within the various conflict regions globally and refreshes skills employed by operators deployed to such regions.

Course Content includes but is not limited to:

PSD and Convoy escort tactics and training
Tactical firearms training
PSD remote medical
Defensive Driving
Counter Assault Drills
Communications training
Insurgency TTPs
Working with Local Nationals/Third Country Nationals
Route Selection
Pre Deployment Briefings and Updated Intel
IED Recognition
Combat Indicator Recognition
Employment briefing,CV construction etc

Course price 1795 GBP (5% Discount to CPworld members)

The price includes accomodation, all meals, insurance, ammunition, equipment, instruction, airpoprt transfer (Belgrade airport.....surcharge for transfers from Budapest)
Flights to Serbia typicaly are available at around 100-150GBP


Former UK Military and Police Special Operations personnel, Serbian Special Operations Group and French Foreign Legion. All have conducted minimum of 5 yrs Hostile Environment Operations ranging from Balkans, Middle East, Africa, South America, Former USSR and Far East.

Students are required to be physically fit and already classified in the use of firearms at at least a basic level. This is a PASS OR FAIL course. Whilst every effort is made to assist students with the course and its content........a high standard is set and will be adhered to.

Morrigans are an operational company as well as a training provider. Our instructors are themselves operational and rotate their teaching duties accordingly. This is and will remain a deliberate policy of Morrigan Solutions as it is, in our opinion, the only way to deliver worthwhile, relevant and up to date instruction.

Places are available on this course, however, they are limited to ensure a good student/instructor ratio.

For information on how to reserve a place please contact us using the details below.

mail to:
00381 21 526671
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