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Oct 17, 2007
Hello Everybody,

I am new here but because I also am experienced in the business, so I feel well here.
Why do I post here, as I use the last 2 years with a university course was employed, I have the guidance of business (primarily Europe) of the Close Protection Service lost, although I have some jobs here in Germany and Austria.
Now, I seek global and hope that someone will help me here, a proper job.
Here is my short career:
The enclosed resume highlights my background and achievements:
-Associate Degree/ Diploma/MBA in Crises-Emergency Management and Contingency Planning (2005-2007)
- Expertise to prepare Emergency Concepts for Hotels (2005-2007)
- Expertise to prepare and write Emergency Handbooks (2006-2007)
- Audits for Security-, Safety and Fire- plans with Risk- Analyzes (Industry/ Logistics and Hotels) (2006-2007)
- Expertise in Security Management (Close Protection Service and Investigation) (since 1999)
- Expertise in Civilian Service as Military Police Officer in the Austrian Army/ ministry (1995-1999)
- Expertise to Manage a Restaurant (1989-1994)
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
- Excellent skills in Microsoft Office (World, excel and power Point) and Project- management (Mind-Manager)

So that's it, I want to apologize that it is a lot, but I have cut where I could. Who can possibly help me. I stand to you for help and contacts here in Austria, Switzerland and Germany to be happy.

Thank you and hear you soon
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