nadeemguljehan Introduction on 26th February 2011


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Dear Sir,
1. I am fully trained Security Guard. I am also trained in covert, foot mobile, anti, and counter surveillance and undercover operations. I am ex pakistan Army NCO, after retired from pakistan Army i joined the G4S WackenHut Security Company Islamabad and performed duty of Guard Mobile Response Team in USA Embassy Islamabad Pakistan 28 Month, then i join the Royal Bahraini Air Force Police Kingdom of Bahrain till to date.
2. If you feel that i have any of skills that you can utilise than please do not hesitate to contact me.
a. Name: Nadeem Gul Jehan
b. Address: P.O Box No, 37489 Al-Riffa Kindom of Bahrain
c. Telephone: 00973-33046588
d. E-mail:
e. D.o.B: 04 September 1976
f. Nationalty: Pakistani
g. Height: 5'-11"
h. Health: Good (non smoker)

3. Profiles:-
An intelligent and hard working individual with a broad range of experience self motivated with the ability to work well under pressure either individually or as part of team. Client focused and pro-active issues,well mannered and reliable.