New Door and Next Seasons Events


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Afternoon all,

I'm very likely going to be starting back on a regular door in a few weeks.

Now, after working some events over the summer I'm thinking that I'd like to go back to it when the event season kicks off again next year.

I have the impression some of you do this as well, so.....

What do you do? Do you quit your door for the summer, ask for the odd weekend off for certain events, or do you ask for the whole summer event season off and concentrate on that and then try and get back in come the end of the season?

Input is appreciated...

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If you're good enough, they'll be asking you back with no hesitation.
and the boys/agencies will be welcoming you back with open arms.
have to agree with OJ and smoggie on this mate set your door up so you can come back in at anytime to cover and the like not all DS want to work on the festivals but will cover you as long as they know you will be back

all the best with it mate

cheers ed