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Hi Guys,

The Pearson/Edexcel/IHCD FPOS I course is changing, please see below for the two new course syllabus,

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The courses are updated but longer, a lot longer.

Those of you with current FPOS certificates are ok, centers have until December 2016 to register new candidates and complete training by Sept 2017 ( For FPOS I )

As for what will be the new industry standard, that's open for debate?

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This is an extract from this link:

Level 4 First Person on Scene (FPOS) Extended Certificate - Crown Training Crown Training

"Due to recent changes in the FPOS (I) syllabus, the original Level 2 FPOS has now been extended to a 10-day programme (Monday-Friday for 2 weeks). This extension is to accommodate the 96 contact hours required by Pearson (Awarding body) in the recent changes. The qualification level has been increased from a level 2 to a level 4 BTEC and now incorporates all the modules that were previously seen as EMT clinical skills modules.

As this course is now a level 4 BTEC, Pearson have recommended that it be ideal for all CP medics, regardless of if they work in the U.K or elsewhere. Many close protection and security companies are now looking at this course as being a replacement for the old FPOS (I)/EMT/MIRA combination.

The MIRA course will still be available as a 2-day bolt on module for those who work for companies where their clinical directives allow for such skills to be used."

If this "Level 4 FPOS" course is as stated "a replacement for the old FPOS (I)/EMT/MIRA combination." - Then why do they go on to state that the MIRA course is available as a 2 day bolt on?

Is this new level 4 basically somewhere in between the old FPOSi and the MIRA courses?