New, Free Security Management App (Android) - Looking for CP world testers


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Hey everyone,

The company I am working for is building, a free, open source mobile app to help people manage their digital and physical security on the move.

It works like a mobile aide-memoire (with security feeds being updated in real time). We are about to launch soon and we are looking to open up our early stage testing to people in this area - security, ex-mil, NGO, media, travel etc. If anyone has 15 minutes and wants to do a big favour, get early access and test it out (sorry Android only), please drop me a DM.



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Great app, the information on there is very handy. Currently consulting for an NGO so think I'll be passing it on to the team. Many Thanks.


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Excellent app, especially at no cost.
I must say I don't see many people using the checklists, but the text is highly informative and a must-read for anyone travelling to areas with increased risk. Links to other useful apps and sites are also great.
Perhaps you might consider putting the text in the app into some kind of a booklet that can be printed out for reading. If you expand on it a bit, it might even make a good manual.
In any case, keep up the good work.