New Grenadier Guards group


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please join be good for old and new Grenadiers to chat and help each othere in the CP World

p.s not just for Grenadiers all guards Welcome
I too am an ex gren..
What side of CP Have the rest of my fellow Grens gone into? I left dec last year any recent leavers..Pm me?
This guy was extraordinary boss during the tour. Morale to high heavens during the hardest times of the fallen.

Christmas day sing alongs morale boost!
guys im still in 1gg looking at leaving after this next tour done 12 years im looking for info is there actually work out there i keep hearing horror stories of guys leaving and not being able to get any work thanks very much
Ive Just passed my CP course with TASK looking for work, out begining of Jan. Any help, advice or anything you can chuck my way would be great!