New Look CPW


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I don’t mind the new look, the old one worked but got to roll with the times. I am wondering why the forum is so quiet these days? Is that due to Facebook or are there more active ones people are using now?


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@Mally Im sorry buddy but I'm not getting on with this new layout at all, possibly it's just me but it's just changed too much too quick. I much prefer the last layout.


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Wow what a change. I think this is my first post in a number of years, however I still lurk every now and then.
Nice to see some old sweats are still operational though!


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Good Morning All,

Having been surprised to see the old format CPW disappear to be later replaced by what we have now,
I am curious to see how many CPW regulars are here.

If you read this just leave a quick reply, give some indication of users on board.


been away for a while now back on Jock C