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New opportunities in the rail industry


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Sep 6, 2008
If you fancy a change of career had enough of the circuit the rail industry in the uk is an excellent opportunity, the chance to earn good money and be back in the UK. Please dont PM me the questions they will be answered on the open day.

As a maintenance engineer or skilled worker, your talents are in great demand. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of a new role in the rail industry, Bourne Rail will give you the perfect career opportunity. Training would be required and could lead to employment opportunities working within the rail industry. Rates of pay are excellent.

Employment positions that Bourne can offer to you now:

• Construction Linesmen
• Project Managers
• Construction Managers
• Technical Support Staff
• Construction Supervisors

Previous experience:

• No previous experience required the company will train you for your new career
• Past experience in the armed forces, Army, Royal Navy , Marines, and RAF welcomed
• Must be prepared to work in demanding conditions

Register now with Bourne Rail to:

• Secure an new exciting role in the rail industry
• Find out about the best training packages available to you that will provide you with National
Level 3 and industry recognised qualifications
• Attend the training and conference sessions dedicated to personal development.
Places are strictly limited so send your CV to service.leavers@bournerail.co.uk
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