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Good evening CPW

I have been a long standing member of this forum and I have finally got around to enrolling in a CPO course here in NI. I have done my homework over the past few years while considering spending the money on a course and industry which is saturated with operatives and coming from a civilian security background I am also aware this is going to be a hard market to crack but after weighing this all up I decided that now is a better time than never and it's better looking at it than looking for and it just happened to be that a course was being delivered not to far away from me so saved on transport and accommodation. I am also aware that due to the industry being saturated with operatives it comes down to who you've completed your course with and what standing they have within the circuit, thankfully they have a good reputation.

I have no grand exceptions of going gun ho and hoping of deployment to the middle with no Military background which would more than likely end up getting me hurt or those I am working with. My realistic expectations is UK RST to start with and hopefully a part of a team for short VIP/executive tasks either here in NI or on the mainland.

I start this course Monday morning and all being well I shall pass and then apply for my 2nd license. I have a background in Aviation security, DS, events/festivals and general security duties I guess my question is, is there any opportunities out there for an civilian operative with a background in Aviation, Which companies would I be best to target with UK based deployments? thanks