No cheap courses here!


Security Directors
PSD Training, within the NSC have the following vacancies available within next few months for training:

March - 4 seats left

April - 4 seats left

May - 3 seats left

June 5 seats left

Remember: You can book on a daily basis, without accom if you prefer or go the full hog and stay within the grounds of the NSC, indoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna, bar, sat tv, full size snooker room etc...

We have 2 seats last minute dot com for this coming Monday, IF you have your FA cert, call Eve and we will give you a cracking deal!

Also remember, the NSC is a college, not a training company and as such offer day classes as well as fully residential packages. You can take 6 months to complete your training or fast track in 4 weeks, the choice is yours!
yeah, no worries, cost is £1000 per week.... all in, no booze though, entertainment is a bit wishy though, cant get the DS to do a nightly show as yet!