Novichok GRU agents


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So it seems we're saying it was two GRU officers behind the Skripal attack and there's some nice CCTV images of them, which raises a few questions:
They're essentially dressed the same and travelling together - covert op schoolboy error (so are they really GRU?) or did they not care as they knew they'd be long gone and well hidden by the time we knew what they were up to?
Lack of tradecraft and no attempt to hide their faces - as above

Or are they just over here for a holiday and to provide Russia with deniability (they can prove they had nothing to do with it, when they have to, while distracting attention from the real perpetrators who did a proper job of entering and exiting the country)



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I don't doubt our security services have verified the truth, taking intel and information to get to where we are today.

Are the 2 suspects the only people involved?
whilst this circus runs on the GRU are doing god knows what undetected!

The stereotypical contractor look seems to of done the job, if they did indeed arrive here carry out their task and depart undetected.