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Observing from the door.

Aug 1, 2010
The United Kingdom hosts many events, both domestic and international. These events draw people from all parts of the world, whether as presenters or as visitors. With these events drawing so many unknown visitors to their localities, the potential for a security or terror related incident, is relatively high. Being able to monitor, the safety and also any potential threats at these events, is often the job of a private security firm.

Major international events, which will be attended by foreign dignitaries, are often overseen by the police, who are able vet potential staff and attendees. However, at less distinguished affairs, where the attendance numbers will be much higher, there is very little or no vetting performed. Whether an international visitor is able to attend, is often up to the border protection staff at airports and ferry terminals.

Door supervisors are a regular feature at UK events. They often seem to be doing very little, when in fact, they are ensuring the safety of those who are attending the event. With their excellent training they are able to diffuse potential situations. Through being trained to observe people, and to notice if someone’s behaviour is out of the ordinary, they are often able to discretely resolve a dangerous situation before it develops.

Because these invaluable individuals are able to observe people’s behaviour without it seeming out of place, they are ideally placed to provide an ongoing form of surveillance, within a potentially dangerous situation. If these men and women are advised of a potential threat, or if they are asked to be on the lookout for a particular possible suspect, they are able to inform the appropriate authorities.

When private security firms with well-trained operatives, work in conjunction with the police, or even higher level security services, they are able to be exceptionally effective in threat detection. These operatives, can blend into any type of situation, whether they are wearing tails at a gala event filled with dignitaries, or at the gate at Glastonbury, their effectiveness will still be the same. These professionals, will remain vigilant, and effective. When working as a part of a team, their benefits can be amplified. When working in conjunction with a control room, these security personnel can be fitted with either body or head cameras, to increase the potential for public safety and threat detection. Whether an event is large or small, if it open to the public, the use of door supervisors will be of immense benefit, and will promote better public order.
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