Offshore Account - SPECIFIC question


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Hi all,

I have read the forum but find no answer to my specific question.

I am looking for an Offshore Account, which I can open 100% via internet/e-mail, no need to post paper material via post or DHL. I do have certified copies of passport, etc, I just do not have access to any reliable postal services at the moment.

Thank you in advance

Please bare in mind, when opening such an account......

There was a bank in the Dutch Antilles they opened accounts for lots of folks good and bad people...

I believe our government had it shut down owing to a massive fraud and tax evasion scam,

Lots of accounts lost or emptied by the bank and allegedly by HMRC none of the account holders made too much of a fuss as I'm told.

But the bank in question didn't need to see physical documents and it wasn't above board let's say...
My advice would be pick the country you desire and then research their tax laws speak to an accountant and go from there.


Thanks for the advice Premier,

My choice is made, it will be a country protected either by the UK or the US, since they are almighty at the moment. Jersey, Gibraltar, Bahamas...

They crushed the banking sector of my country (Switzerland), just like they did in the example you mention. The official excuse is to struggle against evil dictators and tax dodgers, but it is actually just competition (and finding a bit of cash for debt-bankrupted countries). My country did not have the balls to fight back, so fcuk Swiss banks !

The kind of thing you mention would not happen in countries protected by the holy alliance UK/US.

For the moment I have not found any bank in the said countries which would accept digital copies of documents. Is that a legal requirement in the UK/US to have the originals ?
I do not think any of the Channel Islands banks will, they all require considerable "know your customer" stuff.

A fair few years ago I did set one up remotely, but my feeling is that those days are gone.

I opened an account in Spain but I only needed to show my documents at a branch of a sister bank here in the uk, it was very convenient, I only keep a couple thousand euros in the account at any time in case of rapid deployment and its also handy for holidays in Spain as the debit card is the correct currency and the locals on seeing a Spanish bank card are a little more helpful and don't charge an inflated tourist rate on my purchases, which is good.

It may be worth considering any of your banks having an overseas subsidiary or partner