Older service entrants, restrictions, advantages, disadvantages.


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Hi all, I've posted this in the Infantry section because it is likely to be the busiest section on the military forum.

I've noticed that the British military are now recruiting troops up to the age of 33 and in some cases 35 (RAF Reg)

With these increased recruitment ages I was wondering if someone entering at such an age would have the opportunity to have a decent military career. What courses would be closed off to such a person due to age alone with all other factors being equal.

I've read on other forums that the age limit for 22 SAS selection is 32, but I've also read on the same forum that these age limits have now been abolished. Are there any serving forces members who could confirm or deny these age limits exist?

Also what are your thoughts on all of the above.




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Seen as nobody else seems to know I'll update this myself for anyone who may have similar questions in future.
Through my research it appears there are no age limits on the AACC or the Pre Para course. Also there doesn't appear to be age limits for UKSF selection, although you must serve a minimum of 3 years before applying and have a minimum of 3 years left on your contract before applying.