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Jun 29, 2007
Olive Group FZ LLC

Olive Group
PO Box 502356
United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 4391 2935
Fax: +971 4391 2907
Email: info@olivegroup.com
Web: Olive Group :: Creating a Secure Environment

Contact in Iraq:
Bruce Spargo
Security Advisor (Baghdad)
Phone: +964 (0) 7901 922112
E-mail: bspargo@olivegroup.com

Katharina Pfitzner
Office Manager (Baghdad)
Baghdad + 964 (0)7901 922489
Email: kpfitzner@olivegroup.com

Description of Services:

Olive Group is a recognized global leader in the provision of security services and technology, providing large scale solutions to corporations and Governments. Olive has been supporting security operations in Iraq since February 2003 when it provided support to the news media embedded with the coalition forces. After the immediate cessation of hostilities Olive was the first security firm to be awarded a contract as support to the prime contractor for USAID and was therefore the first to receive the appropriate permission to carry weapons by the US/ UK Government and CPA. Olive continues to support multiple projects for blue chip corporations and Governments including the vital security and training support to the Iraqi Government.

The Group offers a broad spectrum of services, including close protection, key point security, cargo transportation security, maritime security, training (both civilian and military), vehicle and asset tracking, advanced technologies and equipment, risk analysis reports, technical security auditing and project management. Olive is a specialist in the provision of security for Oil and Gas infrastructure.

Olive Group is licensed and registered by the Iraqi Ministry of Interior and holds ISO 9001:2000 accreditation. The Group’s infrastructure in Iraq is extensive, with operational bases throughout the country and over 500 personnel and 160 armored vehicles. Olive’s Middle Eastern network includes local offices in Dubai (Group Head Office), Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kabul.
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