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Olympic Fence Being Deployed To Calais To Prevent Immigrants

Aug 1, 2010
A high security fence that was used during the Olympic Games in 2012 is being sent to Calais in a bid to try and prevent illegal immigrants from getting over the border via trucks and ferries. This is one of a number of steps and additional measures that are being taken as a number of reports have emerged that highlight the increased threat of illegal immigrants finding their way over the border from France into the UK.

Newspaper and TV reports have highlighted a large number of incidents where people have been surprised to find stowaways in their caravans, in trucks, and even in the backseats of their cars when they get home, despite having gone through customs and border checks after getting off the ferry. In one case, a woman who was travelling with her dogs in her car, saw a man scamper out of the back seat of the car when she arrived home, and another couple said that they were surprised by a stow away jumping from the cupboard in their caravan.

Strikes by Calais port workers have also heightened the problems. Trucks were stuck at borders, unable to move for hours, and thousands of immigrants are believed to have spied their chance and tried to break into the vehicles or stow away in or on them. A number of security experts, as well as Nigel Farage the leader of the UKIP party, have condemned the security efforts that are currently in place.

In response to the growing number of immigrants that are making it across the border as well as the swelling number that live in makeshift immigrant camps in and around Calais, the government has highlighted a number of ways in which they intend to try and prevent the problem from becoming even worse. The deployment of the 9ft fence, which was used to circle the Olympic Games venues in 2012, is one such step, and officials have said that they hope it will be fully erected and in palce by the end of July this year.

UK Board Authorities said that they have stopped 39,000 people in the year to April attempting to illegally get into the country, which is more than double the number from the year before. Additionally, it is believed that around 3,000 immigrants are living rough around the port of Calais waiting for the opportunity to find a way across to the UK. Immigration Minister James Brokenshire, has previously said that he had deployed a 90 strong team to help combat the problem, that he was going to invest more heavily in tackling it, and that he intended to continue meetings with the haulage and trucking industry in a bid to try and determine additional ways in which security can be improved.

Home Secretary Theresa May echoed the sentiment of Brokenshire, and also said that a team had been dispatched to Tunisia to determine the extent of injuries of British survivors and to determine whether extra security was needed in Tunisia following the attack.
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