Osama in Iran

Interesting read. I found this little detail in the report that I personally had not head before.

Parrot also helped stop Prince Bandar, the former Saudi Ambassador to the U.S., from smuggling falcons from the U.S. on board a Royal Saudi Airlines charted plane. Bandar paid his $150,000 fine to the Department of Justice, from his Washington DC Riggs Bank account. It was the same account which Bandar's wife used to pay two of the 9/11 hijackers. True to form, Bandar threatened the U.S. government with oil sanctions if the story leaked; not surprisingly, the public remained in the dark.

Isn't it!!!

He did a radio interview for his book here and said that after reporting Osamas position etc he decided to put a team together and try and get Osama out of Iran and bring him to Authorities in Iraq but he was stopped by CIA types who told him and his team in Iran that they would tell the Iranians they were US spies or Drug smugglers and have them locked up. He was told to leave him where he was!!!!

Keep in mind his team were experts on the smuggling routes for Falconry but not rendition experts!!! hahaha
mmmmm, A slight conspiracy type person here, (I maybe wrong) facts first.
Having worked with the media both sides of the water, I'm not to sure of the legitimancy of this person (Another Walt maybe) only time will tell.
Quiet Possible Double D but he has credentials as far as the Falconry is concerned, some say that they run falconry camps, kind of trade fairs if you will, where a lot of influential people come together to trade and compete against each other in falcory and some recon that Osama used go to these and used them as fund raisers for his exploits!!!

Anyway I thought it was interesting.

I agree with you on the Falconry side of the story (Fact not Fiction) it's just the men who stare at goats syndrome from another Journo. 9Something that will not be admitted nor denied by the powers that be adding to yet another conspiracy story)