owenb1983 Introduction on 01st November 2008


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Hi everyone, Im ex 1Lancs, been out a year now and Im interested in starting a career in CP.
The main questions I have are, whos the best company for the course?, whos a good company to work for?, how much should I be paying for a decent course?, and whats he best way to get yourself known to companies, and also what pitfalls o loopholes should I look out for?

Cheers for your time guys in responding.
Welcome to cpw.....

Please read some of the old threads via search engine and it will answers your questions in much detail.

All the best

Hi oweb1983,

Welcome to the site and enjoy it, hope that you find the site useful and informative.

Read the old threads, it should give you some answers to some of your questions, also read the thread by Nomad about starting out in the industry, highly recommended. And after all that reading you still have questions them post them on the site and you will be pointed in the right direction.

All the best.