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Hi all,

I will be running regional physical restraint courses for Security Staff including: DS, CP, Court Security etc...

The system I teach was written by Mark Dawes director of the National Federation for Personal Safety (NFPS Ltd). Mark is a expert witness on the use of force and he has denied and written level 2 & 3 courses in physical restraint & breakaway which have been accredited by Edexcel. As a NFPS accredited instructor I will be offering 2 day courses in physical around the UK. The first one I am looking at delivering will be in Leeds / Wakefield area on the 21st & 22nd of Feb 09. It will be a tailor made course comprising of classroom modules and physical skills from the Btec level 2 restraint course. The cost will be ₤120 per person which includes certification from NFPS Ltd and myself (Response Training Services), and a course handout. The course will cover the following:
1) Law & Legislation in regards to the use of force.
2) Health & Safety
3) Risks surrounding restraint including - positional asphyxia
4) risks surrounding alcohol, drugs, knives and other edged weapons
5) Non harmful methods of control
6) Restrictive & pain compliant methods of control
7) Breakaway & personal protection skills
8) Dynamic training scenarios - Red man suit

I will need at least 8 attendees for the course to go ahead and will need to know by the 16th of Feb along with a ₤30 deposit. Once I have confirmed numbers I will let people know timings and venue location.

Please contact me with any questions

Keith Butchard
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Sounds Good. Will this be recognised by the Awarding Bodies & SIA as we have heard on the grapevine that Physical Intervention may soon be a module for DS. I'd hate to see me wasting my hard earned cash. A link to your web site would be useful. Sincere regards and good luck. JT
The tailor made course will only be certified by myself and NFPS, but if you opt to do a 2 day Btec course it will be accredited by edexcel. The SIA would only be able to recommend training providers for physical restraint they can not accredit a particular system as they are not a Governing Body for this subject. At present no one sourse of PI has been given the endorsement or approval by the SIA but I am 99.9 % certain if they do it would be the following: Maybo, NFPS, Risks Contained and APR approved training centres.

Keith Butchard
Response Training Services