Physical Security Management Job, Punta Europa, Equatorial Guinea Africa


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Oil & Gas Industry Physical Security Manager, Port Security Officer

Punta Gorda, Equatorial Guinea, Africa

Join one of the world's largest energy companies in a full-time position to provide security to their residential compound and several off-shore drilling platforms.

This role is reserved for a physical security management professional who has exceptionally strong diplomatic and political skills when it comes to working closely with Host Nation military and government officials. This position reports to one of the oil and gas industry's top physical security / CSO leaders. If you appreciate a straight-forward, direct management style, you'll appreciate working for this former military leader and current corporate security, physyical security business leader.

West Africa, Equatorial Guinea

Position Reference Number: PHYSECEGAF

$100,000 - $115,000 Base Range, Mid to High $100s package, Part tax free

Relocation Package: Yes

Job Type: Full-Time

Required Education: Bachelor Preferred, Several Certifications Appreciated