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PI Licencing: BTEC Level 3


New Member
Apr 28, 2008
I sent an eaquiry to Edexcel the awarding body for the BTEC to ask if they would be appllying for this award to be accredited as Prior learning, as at present the only accredited award is EDI, here is their reply:

Dear David,

It is Ofqual, not the SIA that has accredited the EDI qualification (the SIA does not accredit qualifications).

The required qualification for licensing (when it begins) will be a QCF qualification, and will not be the current EDI qualification, but a replacement that will be offered by various awarding bodies, each of which will use the same title. This qualification will likely be available early next year.

We will review the API qualification in due course and if there is a good match against the SIA core competency qualification, we at Edexcel will ask the SIA for exemptions to be granted for people who have taken it, as we have done in other sectors when licensing has been introduced. (EDI will doubtless make the same request to the SIA for their Professional Investigators qualification.)

The outcome of our exemption request will depend upon the match between the API qualification and the SIA document, and the result will either be:
(1) full or partial exemption from training and assessment or
(2) full or partial exemption from training but not assessment or
(3) no exemption.

I hope this helps, but if you need further information, please get in touch.


Roger Field
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