Polaris - London - 3 month task

Covert Munkey

Good afternoon 28/5
Polaris is seeking an excellent Protection Practitioner who is a competent London driver. The ideal candidate will be able to work as a part of a family household and within a high-profile security package numbering 10+.
This role is not requiring of a TFL: PCO licence as vehicles are client owned.

The task will run from 5/6/23 for 3 months and suited to a London resident with either extensive security driving experience or a protection officer with driving as their lead skillset.

This is very much a soft skills position .
Criteria to be met before consideration
· Full UK driving licence
· Hold an SIA CP Licence - there is an established security team as part of the private office
· Have a Level 3 Response Medical Qualification- this may be undertaken on appointment for exceptional candidates
· To be able to show exceptional London Knowledge – this will be assessed, and NO aids will be available during the assessment.
· To live no more than 1.5 hours commute from the “Central London’ Area .
· To have excellent vision – prescription glasses are acceptable within best practice guidelines
Please note –for entry level applicants; not all training providers are recognised
· To be able to reside and work legally in the UK

You will be asked to sign a comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreement as part of your conditions of employment- should this be an issue please don’t proceed with application
You will initially be a contracted employee -billable on invoice for your probationary period of 3 months paid every 14 days –

The renumeration would be £6600.00 per month for the above period

Please forward in the first instance –
ALL the highlighted proof above
A headshot photograph- for client to see
A job specific covering letter
A CV that reflects the Soft Skills nature of the UK role.

The placement will take place within 14 days and prior to commencement both driving and London topography will be tested by the OPS diector
All communication should reference –Palimino