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Police Surveillance Job Description


Jun 29, 2007
I've added below a advert for police surveillance vacancy. There are some good examples of the role profile which might assist you filling in a application form for a similar surveillance post.




APRIL 2007


Undertake surveillance duties for the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit, as directed by WM CTU Management.


a) Undertake the surveillance of targets by way of physical and technical observation, in situations which are static, on foot and mobile to a minimum standard equal to current ACPO level 1.

b) Using all current surveillance techniques deliver to an investigating officer evidence, intelligence or other information on the activity of targets in line with current national codes of practice.

c) In cases of emergency or operational necessity, to arrest targets committing crime.

d) In support of the surveillance function:

- Record and maintain a daily surveillance log of all such activity to a standard laid down by current ACPO guidelines.

- Prepare accurate daily intelligence logs to investigating officers in order to determine the extent and nature of criminal activity and to allow for future tasking.

- To provide in appropriate cases statements of evidence in support of the criminal prosecution of targets.

e) Participate in surveillance training courses and offer advice and guidance to attached personnel and junior officers to improve their techniques and effectiveness.

f) Undertake such administrative duties as necessary to maintain intelligence duties.

g) Be conversant with all items of technical equipment necessary to undertake surveillance operations. To maintain knowledge of surveillance techniques and capabilities and to keep abreast of current technological developments.

h) Strive to achieve best value in the work undertaken and where possible develop and maintain best practice.

i) Perform any other duties commensurate with the rank as determined by the WM CTU Management.


Core Policing Skill
Level of acceptability

Working with others

Respect race & diversity – A
Considers and shows respect for the opinions, circumstances and feelings of colleagues and members of the public, no matter what their race, religion, position, background, circumstances, status or appearance. Understands other people’s views and takes them into account. Is tactful and diplomatic when dealing with people, treating them with dignity and respect at all times. Understands and is sensitive to social, cultural and racial differences.

Team working - C
Develops strong working relationships inside and outside the team to achieve common goals. Breaks down barriers between groups and involves others in discussions and decisions. Works effectively as a team member and helps build relationships within it. Actively helps and supports others to achieve team goals.

Community & customer focus – C
Focuses on the customer and provides a high-quality service that is tailored to meet their individual needs. Understands the communities that are served and shows an active commitment to policing that reflect their needs and concerns. Provides a high level of service to customers. Maintains contact with customers, works out what they need and responds to them.

Effective Communication – C
Communicates ideas and information effectively, both verbally and in writing. Uses language and a style of communication that is appropriate to the situation and people being addressed. Makes sure that others understand what is going on. Speaks clearly and concisely, and does not use jargon. Uses plain English and correct grammar. Listens carefully to understand.

Achieving results

Problem solving – C
Gathers information from a range of sources. Analyses information to identify problems and issues, and makes effective decisions. Gathers enough relevant information to understand specific issues and events. Uses information to identify problems and draw logical conclusions. Makes good decisions.
Planning & organising – C
Plans, organises and supervises activities to make sure resources are used efficiently and effectively to achieve organisational goals. Plans and carries out activities in an orderly and well-structured way. Prioritises tasks, uses time in the best possible way, and works within appropriate policy and procedures.

Personal responsibility – B
Takes personal responsibility for making things happen and achieving results. Displays motivation, commitment, perseverance and conscientiousness. Acts with a high degree of integrity. Takes personal responsibility for own actions and for sorting out issues or problems that arise. Is focused on achieving results to required standards and developing skills and knowledge.

Resilience – B
Shows resilience, even in difficult circumstances. Prepared to make difficult decisions and has the confidence to see them through. Shows confidence to perform own role without unnecessary support in normal circumstances. Acts in an appropriate way and controls emotions.


Core Policing skill

Level of Acceptability

Community Safety
Contribute to multi agency conferences/meetingsAttend multi-agency case conferences/meetings as a representative of the CTSU, ensuring that recommendations and decision(s) do not commit the CTSU to action which they cannot deliver and/or breach legislation, policy and procedure

Drive police vehicles safely
Drive a police vehicle safely with consideration for others in accordance with Force policy and in line with the system of car control.


Operate Surveillance Equipment
Operate surveillance equipment ethically and in accordance with training and authorisation level, manufacturers instructions and the relevant legislation, policies and procedures.

Undertake directed surveillance

The targeting of an individual with the intention of gaining private information.

Evaluate the value of intelligence
Evaluate the quality of intelligence entered into the system using the National Intelligence Model and take appropriate action.

Use intelligence to support policing objectives
Use intelligence effectively to assist in counter terrorist investigation and prevention. Ensure that intelligence is used ethically and in accordance with the relevant legislation, policy, protocols and codes and practice

Disseminate intelligence in appropriate manner
Disseminate intelligence in the appropriate manner to relevant organisations, departments and/or individuals, whilst maintaining the required confidentiality, sensitivity and duty of care

Gather intelligence appropriately
Gather intelligence to facilitate the achievement of crime and disorder reduction objectives. Ensure intelligence is obtained ethically and in accordance with the relevant legislation, policy, protocols and codes of practice

Cultivate covert human intelligence sources
Cultivate new covert human intelligence sources complying with the requirements of the relevant legislation, policies and procedures.

Custody and Prosecution

Conduct arrest and process procedures
When appropriate, carry out arrest /process procedures in accordance with the relevant legal requirements and policy, having regard for human rights, security, health and safety of person(s) detained, members of the public, colleagues and self.

Present evidence in court and at other hearings
Attend court and give evidence in accordance with legislation.


Investigate allocated enquiries
Ensure that enquiries are carried out thoroughly and expeditiously in accordance with investigation policy and relevant legal requirements.

Manage scene preservation
Take charge of the scene taking appropriate action to ensure the initial preservation of the scene is complete, evaluate evidence, identify and pursue possible lines enquiry as required to progress the investigation.

Plan and manage searches
Ensure that search procedures are undertaken in accordance with the relevant legislation, policy and procedures. Where performance is below standard, take appropriate action to improve it.

Search person(s) or personal property
Search person(s) or personal property in accordance with the relevant legislation, policy, procedures, whilst respecting the dignity of the individual and being aware of the possible impact on community.

Search premises, vehicles and land
Conduct search procedures using the best practice techniques in accordance with the relevant legislation and policy, whilst having regard for the health, safety and Human Rights



Promote equality, diversity and Human Rights in working practices
Promote equality, diversity and Human Rights in working practices by developing and maintaining positive working relationships, ensuring that colleagues are treated fairly and contributing to developing equality of opportunity in working practices

Maintain standards of professional practice
Ensure your behaviour complies with Force values and organise your own work effectively to meet the demands of your role. Identify, implement and monitor development activities to enhance your own performance.

Work as part of a team
Work co-operatively with team members and colleagues, contributing positively and constructively to the achievement of team and Force objectives.

Make best use of technology
Make best use of technology in support of your role, ensuring correct operation and compliance with Force and legal requirements.

Comply with Health and safety Requirements
Ensure that you show a duty of care and take appropriate action to comply with Health and Safety requirements at all times.

Police Operations

Participate in operations
Participate in police and agency-led operations, working within appropriate authority limits and carrying out tasks necessary for the successful implementation of the operation whilst managing risks to the operation and acting in accordance with legislation and procedure.

Plan policing operations
Plan operations gathering information, intelligence or evidence about specific policing problem aimed at contributing to achievement of the Force Policing Plan and /or identified local need, ensuring that it is both ethical and conforms to best practice.

Conduct operational risk assessments
Complete a thorough risk assessment for operational events, ensuring adequate control measures are in place and that an appropriate contingency plan is developed.


i) Attained requisite Level 1 Surveillance training and advanced driver training for surveillance purposes.

ii) Proven communications skills with the ability to operate effectively at a variety of levels.

iii) High degree of commitment, dedication and flexibility.

iv) Conversant with legal issues affecting surveillance.

v) Physically Fit

vi) Have an appearance appropriate to do the role.

vii) Proven experience and ability in static, foot, mobile and technical surveillance techniques.​

viii) Initiative and innovation whilst working as a member of a surveillance team.


i) Knowleadge of counter terrorism work

ii) Specialist covert policing skills within surveillance such as CROPS, SMART.

iii) Knowledge of the National Intelligence Model together with the tasking and coordination process.​

iv) Knowledge of current developments/advancements in surveillance technology and techniques.


Assisting new members of Staff within the WM CTU.


Responsible to the Surveillance DS and DI.


Liase with other Forces, other national units and members of the public.


Must maintain confidentiality and trust at all times regarding information gained in the post. Personal vetting will be required. The role requires the postholder to perform duties on a regional basis. A willingness to travel around the region area and be available when required to respond to call out at short notice.

The Authority reserves the right to vary the duties and responsibilities of staff under conditions prescribed in National Agreement. Thus, it must be appreciated that the above duties may be altered as the future changing needs of the service may require. In addition, members of staff are liable to serve at any of the Authority’s places of employment as may be required.


Full Registered User
Feb 5, 2008
Thanks very much for this post.......do you have much experience in surveillance work because I would like to get into this sector but am not sure what I need to be able? Sorry if i seem a bit dim.....but I am finding it hard


Full Registered User
Dec 6, 2007
I`ve read this with interest and this CTU and others as far as i am aware will only recruit serving police officers or recently retired. They would have to be Detectives/Qualified via ICIDP or similar) or recently retired detectives.Even then the critrea and application process as is the normal with police forces would be long and protracted, unless yor a visibily ethnic minority, gay, transgender or a best friends with the DCI.

Covert Munkey

Aug 26, 2007
ISS Training

Thanks very much for this post.......do you have much experience in surveillance work because I would like to get into this sector but am not sure what I need to be able? Sorry if i seem a bit dim.....but I am finding it hard

Hello Yvonne,

Have a read through the Surveillance forum. There is some good advice.

Also try ISS training. The owner of the company is Peter Jenkins and what he doesnt know about survaillance isnt worth knowing.

Try a PM him through this site. He will be quick enough to assist.

Good luck.

Dec 27, 2007
Think first

I am serving West Mids Police and have been for the past 17yrs. Be really sure that its what you want before applying. I am Detective Inspector and work in a really demanding area, and loved what I did, but the job has gone so politically correct and frightened to do the job that its really NOT policing anymore. You will be dropped at the slightest thing, and no support. Yes the Police is a great team, and its brilliant getting the bad guys, but thats the troops at the groung level, the ones up top are a complete cluster f--k, and I say that with experience and knowledge. They are so worried about their next rank they cant see the sh-- they dish out and the decisions they dont make. Its the crims who have the upper hand.

Anyway, just think about a career with the cops before applying!

Good luck


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Feb 11, 2008
Without creating an OPSEC issue, would someone please advise me (PM) on the CROP and SMART issues....just as long as it doesn't compromise anything. Thanks.


Full Registered User
Feb 20, 2008
I'm with jonnytwosocks on this one, however the post is not a job ad it's help on a job description, which I'l sure any non Police might find useful. If they can cut through all the crap of course !


New Member
Jan 5, 2008
Well Charles Boville has unfourtable past away so the next best man or the current top man must be
Peter Jenkins contact ISS they are advertising here and have been specialising in surveillance & countersurveillance I belive..
I doubt you will disapointed..

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