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Hey guys. Just like to say as a new lad just trying to get into the industry, theres some cracking advice on here from lads already doing transits. Ive managed to secure an interview tomorrow, wondered without sounding like a retard, is there any advice people have. have researched the company and been looking at incidents and the bmp4.

anyways, any advice would really be appreciated


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Firstly good luck with your interview.

Best advice I can give is, keep to the truth.
Don't over sell yourself, If your the man for the job you will get it.

Don't Lie, it will ALWAYS catch up with you.

I have heard some tales whilst interviewing guys,
Sad thing is they were doing ok until they start with bullshit.




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Hi Gareth,

Good luck mate and don't forget the honesty is the best policy!

All the best and let us know how you've done.



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It depends on who the interview is with..... but as previously stated dont get out on anything that may come back to haunt you.

Good luck.....


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Yip, Yip and Yip....don't BS about stuff you haven't done or don't know how to do. Be personable, honest and polite and that's half the battle! And good luck!


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job interview

Cheers lads for the advice. All went brilliant and just waiting on me refrences to come back. Once again, nice one


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