Private security companies called in to combat Somali piracy

As always wise words from Trublue ....
I Agree, with your post because it is impossible to quantify how many companies are really operate in Goa, Indian Ocean and Malacca ....
But I think you agree with me when there are some companys who say they are operating in these areas and operating only in dreams .... and other companies that make collections of CV and people are waiting and despair ....
I think, with utmost and due respect, certain opinions on a forum like this ought to be more well researched before typing them out. There are other operators from those Redfour seems to know, and some have done A LOT of work. I do not know how much ransom cash Redfour has delivered to Eyl and Haradhere, and whether they have tied a boat alongside a pirate boat and walked in the Lion's den with millions of dollars.
I know those places well, and so do a couple of guys including one company headed by a former RM in Kenya who has very, very much experience in this field.
I know many good British Marsec operatives, very skilled. I also know many other very good operatives, some on this forum, from Portugal, Spain, France, Australia. I have worked with all these guys, and they are not 'bums'.
In today's world, failing to keep an open mind could lose you lots of business opportunities. A closed mind also may reflect lack of experience, because if you get around enough, you will definitely learn that the world is larger than you thought with 'different' looking folk who may be much smarter than you.
Poison Chalis

Strange postings going up ref companies operating in the GOA and surrounding waters.
Seems to be a lot of "experienced" comments and facts from people/organizations.

Thought CP World was about supporting each other in the fight against the great fight, terrorism and crime within our industry. Plus heads up on companies that try have good blokes over of course!

If you have something to say and can support it then put it up with conviction and facts, not bitch...were all going to work for different clients and/or companies in our profession and should all be doing what many of us do our brothers around the globe with updates on the move, regardless of who we work for. It's already happening so live with it. It works both ways, individually or company.

If I'm transiting E to W and know my friend is transiting W to E for another coy then we will exchange int...not slag off whatever vessel were on and the defences/pay etc...companies out there should realise this and advocate that. Like someone said theres a big pie and enough for what if one or two people have personal problems with a coy(lets face it everyone will at some point) but if you go airing in a public forum, be prepaired for a possible legal fight. Libel & Slander not a good road to go careful what you post or say.

Most Marsec coy's are doing well...DC/HART/REDFOUR/BLUE MOUNTAIN/SHIELD/MAST....can only comment on those as I know a few lads from each, my own experiences of the above...all say the same thing with exceptions to individual/personal bitches(the norm!).

Hidro/MIKEM I think you should read the context and figure of speech before 'jumping the gun'. It seems theres a lot on the defensive here and too quick to react or trying to attract support on a 'witch hunt' to burn a company that's quite obviously doing well.

Strange comments ref going alongside pirate boats and deliveries, what that has to do with knowledge on other companies is beyond me, only that quite obviously the other companies have done their job on the water and no need to use a company that works the other side of the fence.
Great news your working and doing your bit but don't comment on the other companies that you clearly have no factual information on their operations...that in itself shows your own inexperience...I also work with nationals you mention and all have their professionals and muppets as do the brits...I think REDFOUR just stating their usual criteria, which I believe is requested by many shipping companies.

I know a lot on this site who stick by the 'old school' method of working together and long may it continue. They know who they are and will still be here in years to come, those who don't; I GUARANTEE be crying into their new found 'career' paypackets.

Do your job and do it well. A company gives you work, reciprocate with working back for them. They pay you, your professionalism pays them in repeat it turns...perform poorly and expect a poor service from your employer in return. Occasionaly not always the case I know, especially when whole teams say the same thing, a company is bad to the core...but individual rants or snide comments should be taken with an open mind and realise it's not a big world but very much a small be careful.

If you(as an individual within any company) have a problem yet most of the others don't? Then sort it out yourself and privately. This is basic stuff taught at the 'factory' remember you're poo-poo'ing friends/colleagues who are still there and doing a good job. Don't go messing with their livelihoods by spreading poison.
If you have true facts on a coy or individual?...Then present it to whomever in the true light of day, just don't turn it into a pissing contest or covering your own inadequacy.

Until that unlikely event...
Have a safe passage to your next destination and look out for your brothers in arms whomever they work for. You just never know, one day they may be stood by your side.

Stay safe all.
Hi Ghost.Ops
I was looking at your posts and you have put 7 posts here in the forum since January 2008 , they are very interesting and well written ... and also very long, but clear and has a lot of information .... There is a saying that wise and he who says that knows nothing and wants to learn everything .... In relation to what is written here in the forum I am not the owner of the real truths and there are many and various thoughts ...
In relation to companies operating in Counter Piracy there are various and many others who say they operate and ask the operators to send CV ... and some day maybe they can work with them and nothing happens ....
In relation to working with other operators without being European, I have had such luck, I known profissionals very good people whom I trust my life as they rely me to protect them .... And also I have seen some operators alleged that I did not trust a cigarette ..........
And in relation to the security company from Kenya, was a nice surprise because al in the midst of so many sharks there is a small company that does the job well and has good players and ohter very good company in Kenya operate with english managment.... In this forum I referred to several companies that are doing a good job. MMWC, MAST, and other TSL and even to some people who have very valid comments on Marsec exp: John IMSA , trublue , Kurt and other members and now you call me the attention because I do not read the posts or .....

Sorry for my bad .. english but I'm not English and I rigth English better than you rigth Portuguese .....or Spanish

Stay Safe GhostOps.

Where ever you are .................
REDfour MSS Ltd are operating on long term contracts in the GoA, Off east Africa and some in West Africa. We are constantly recruiting but will only use people who fit the following criteria:
1. British
2. Have served at least 6 years in a Frontline Unit
3. over the age of 30
4. at least 1 year of commercial experience.

All Team Leaders are either ex SAS/SB
Minimum criteria. That way we dont put bums on seats so to speak.
Hart are doing nothing
DC consider us to be a real competitor (we recruited 12 ex DCites last month)
MAST are the largest

No one else is doing anything of significance.
Good day

I am a freelance journalist, working independently, investigating Stolen Valour in the USA and around the world. Currently we have almost completed enough USA investigations for the first series of articles and are now widening the net further afield, to encompass the UK.

Mr McManus has been the subject of several allegations of improperly running a company with regards to personnel insurance and payments, allegedly falsifying his CV and allegedly exaggerating his military background.

The main issue that I will be highlighting, should the facts support the allegations is whether Mr McManus has put lives at risk by purporting to be an expert in the field of security, when in fact he may possibly have had minimal military training whatsoever. If the allegations are not proven, we will make a full disclosure and apology to Mr McManus for the inconvenience.

Several Independent sources have informed us that Mr McManus has allegedly made claims in the past, which he is unwilling or unable to verify. Claims such as having been a member of the British Parachute Regiment. Claims that he served with several Intelligence units attached to special forces. Claims that he was a commissioned officer. The list goes on.

If you have any information to support or refute these allegations we would love to hear from you. If you served in any of these units or any others with Mr McManus we'd love to hear from you too.

Thank-you for your support.

Tom Smith