Problems at work


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There are a lot of problems at my place of work and currently there seems to be little to no way of discussing these issues other than going directly to management. Unfortunately at least one of these people are causing some of the issues. How do I raise the problems without getting into trouble?

There isn't a union and it specifically states in my t&cs that the company doesn't recognise them.


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Depending on the size and sort of company, structure etc,....go around them.

Research the management further up the foodchain on LinkedIn to find who you need to talk to and make your case.



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Approach the management and ask them what the procedure is for highlighting areas of concern.

If you don't follow what's written down.......


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Although your company may not recognise a union it does not prevent you from joining one yourself. For a few pounds a week they will give you the support you need and other benefits. You could try talking to ACAS, have a look at this web page