Process Serving enquiry.


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We were recently asked to serve papers (Non-Molestation Order) upon an individual in a case of domestic violence here in the UK.

We were informed in advance that the individual in question was of a very volatile temperament and known to have a history of violence.

The individual was located and the papers duly served upon him. Due to the fact that he was served in a place, and at a time, when he was
least expecting it there was an element of surprise which caught him off guard and his anticipated explosive reaction was delayed somewhat.

He did, however, go marching into the offices of the issuing Solicitors later that day making various violent threats. His actions made no difference,
of course, to the terms of the Order and he was well and truly deemed to have been served.

We have today, however, been requested to serve a further Order upon him. (Oh good.)

I have never shied away from the service of documents upon any individual (and neither shall I from this one) however I want to run something past the group:

Given that he is unlikely to be caught off guard a 2nd time, and the very real and present danger of serious physical assault, does anyone think that service could be effected by leaving the papers under his windshield wipers and then observing him picking them up? - We are assured of his identity by virtue of having served him previously and we would be able to affirm in an Affidavit that all reasonable steps had been taken and that the documents were in his hands

If it is felt that this would not constitute good service then I may just have to bite the bullet. - Possibly literally!