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Jun 29, 2007
Professional Witness is a new term in the Surveillance world and can be used to describe a new type of Surveillance service where the operator has a good knowledge of the presentation of both civil and criminal surveillance evidence.

They may be employed to work in area's where anti social behaviour is high.

Councils and Police have a harder job than ever collecting the evidence needed to secure a prosecution. Witnesses tend to be neighbours who fear repercussions within the community should they be named.

Surveillance companies are now working together with the police and council on new initiatives. A bit different from false insurance claims or matrimonial separations, however the skills needed are similar.

Using modern surveillance equipment evidence has been gained to secure convictions and surveillance officers have gave evidence in court.

The professional witness scheme was introduced after housing officers at Birmingham city council last year launched a crackdown on persistent nuisance neighbours. The initiative has seen a dramatic increase in the number of Anti Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) and eviction orders being served on unruly tenants.

The professional witness also helps us identify unknown perpetrators, which is an important step in order for us to apply tenancy enforcement measures.
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