Protocols or rules for Pandemic issues (now COVID-19)


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Hi to all colleagues, officers and friends.
I post this because there are some problems with the management and control about epidemic COVID-19. I'm in Italy now, We can see a lot of issues to preparations, skills and instruments adopted in this moments:
- first is panic of a great mass, uncontrolled. Police officers are used in a great part to control streets, ways, transports.
- second, don't have a clear info. A simple example, some activities are open free, but with only suggestions for clients. Restaurant, clubs, disco closed (now in Milan and Lombardia).

Now big problems are for security officers, door supervisors. The security agencies (in some cases) don't provide a protocol, simply stand off. For close protection officer and intelligence the threath is obviusely different.

My questions are:

What do you think about this problem?
Have you an idea to manage this in a non-war zone?

Thanks so much in advance.



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It's a risk, just like Ebola, Malaria, HIV, car crashes, drowning, kidnap… the list goes on.
It's more of a threat to your Principal than some risks (especially if elderly or already suffering from an underlying condition), and less of a risk than others, so you just run the usual risk assessment, be honest about what you find (don't be swayed one way or the other by what you read in the press or from self-proclaimed experts) and come up with a mitigation plan.

As with any threat, your first mitigation is to do what you can to avoid the threat.
So what do you normally do, what does your Principal's lifestyle and business activities allow you to do?
Some will be lucky and they conduct business over video conferencing from the relative safety and control of their office in London, for others it's explain the ongoing risks for each planned activity and do the best you can based on what the guy paying you says is going to happen.


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Thank you mrBlonde. This is first time that we have lock down for most of activities, in western society.

Restricted plan, upgrade first aid and limited or cancelled activities.

Thanks for answer my post