PSD duffed up in Basrah (?)


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I'm constantly surprised by people showing lack of knowledge but still prepared to make observations about an incident. A 2 min video doesn't set the whole scene and can be deceptive. The incident happened on camp, and was perpetrated by some who are employed by PSC's. B6 vehicles are great IF you have the keys....Firing off an Ak by an ex pat at/in the direction of your LN colleagues is probably not best practice and is guaranteed to land you in a cell presided over by Honest Abdul. The camp was subsequently looted by the c*nts. And 1 hospital in Basrah? WTF?! Al Sadr, Al Moosawi etc, there's about 7 ffs, some local knowledge required before statements made I think.

Actually the 2 minutes says enough


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Actually the 2 minutes says enough

I agree, whatever transpired before, or after the footage is broadly irrelevant.
What stands out is the complete disregard for SOP's, and the total lack of cohesion within the team.
The subject of this discussion should not be flags, LN's or the the fact that the guy is lucky to be alive, it should be 'are the guys team mates going to hit the shit for their actions in protecting him from getting a beating or killed'.
No team should allow this to happen to a member....bad drills are better than no drills, which is what seems to have happened!?