Question; on flying via Dubai/Oman/Abu Dhabi


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Hi all,

Just wanted to know if anyone has any info on the latest information regarding taking body armour, GPS equipment etc out to Iraq flying via Dubai/Abu Dhabi/Oman? I use to go though Istanbul which was fine.
There was a massive hoo haa sometime ago regarding going through other Middle Eastern countries which I believe many of us would have got the same email. So any information on the latest regarding this would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers guys n gals

Hello Chalky, stay away from Dubai with that kit, Oman is also very funny with all that kit, not sure about Abu Dhabi
i think youll be ok if you use emirates which also flys into Basra so your kit will just be transfered rather than having to check it all in again,thats what ive been told anyway

I flew from Kabul to Heathrow via Dubai with a massive bag of kit after leaving a contract at the end of March. I had slings, a helmet and other bits & bobs in there. But no weapon sights or parts. It was all fine. Some time ago a mate of mine emailed the Airport Authorities in Dubai who said it would be fine providing guys could demonstrate that they were Security Contractors via a letter from an employer or company ID card. They just get twitchy when blokes come through with an array of weapon ancils. Or retards come through with 'war trophies' !

All the best