Radio Licensing


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I suspect I would be better off just PMing Vis, but just to open this up to discussion...

What are the options for being a professional radio user, as opposed to an amateur?

I realise that companies can buy a frequency from Ofcom and then the use of that becomes their responsibility, but what about individuals who want to legally use a wide variety of radio frequencies?

For example, how nice would it be if there was a professional qualification that Ofcom recognised and awarded both a Maritime and Amateur license for? After all, it is all the same training material... Well close enough for the purposes of an exam.


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Oh gawd, to be honest, I'm prob NOT the best on this!

I'm assuming you mean PMR's of various types. 'Professional' qualifications don't really count at this level, mainly applying to operators of higher power voice / video / data transmission hardware, where power / frequencies are tightly regulated.

Icom seem to have a decent, Q&A section on their website: What are the benefits of using a PMR446 Licence Free Two Way Radio for my Business! : PMR - Private Mobile Radio FAQ's : Icom UK - two way radio transceivers, receivers and navigation products

OFCOM, the regulator, have a mine of information, but ferreting through it is hard going !



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Cheers! :)

I find it frustrating that as a professional radio user (maritime and emergency services) that I cannot easily transfer that over to the Ham bands, Ofcom don't seem to get that I do not want to be CQing on the calling frequencies but have some use for VHF and UHF for real world activities.