I don't know why people make such a fuss over young Harry's behaviour!

I mean has everyone forgot Bertie the Bounder??
Hippy i truley worry for your mental health and must confess after a few short weeks have come to realise that aliens abducted you sometime in the late 1940's early 1950's and have just returned you.......I'm right aren't i?
Hippy i truley worry for your mental health and must confess after a few short weeks have come to realise that aliens abducted you sometime in the late 1940's early 1950's and have just returned you.......I'm right aren't i?
Abducted? Returned? Are you trying to tell me it isn't 1952?

Next you'll be trying to kid me we haven't got an empire and labour are in power!!!
Patch, obviously there are many here in the cp world who recruit and in fact earn their living in the "sand." That is not the only area that needs CP operators. When you get washed and ironed, their are those in the corporate sector that also use the services. Checking with the recruiters for the big firms is only one way to go. Being licensed, you can often contact limo firms, hotels, law offices, and so on. They often have unadvertised positions that might be that "foot iin the door" you're looking for. This is a wide open industry and people are encouraged to think on their feet. Use that same philosophy and find work elsewhere until you build a resume.

It's hard, I know. As the guys in the sand have said repeatedly, it's not for everyone.

Here's another example. I am currently soliciting resumes and CV's for police and civilian instructors. I get a lot of people who are very well trained, but are not involved in training. I hate to cast them aside, but I need instructors with verifiable teaching experience, not just a teaching certificate. I do send the sharp ones to other recruiters if I think they are a good candidate. approach the companies that you want to work for and sell yourself, don't wait for a recruiter to put out the call and hope that an incomplete CV will slip by him.


Thanks Jerry much appreciated buddy, regards patch
Patch, PM me your e-mail and i should beable to get you some CP work in London, its not great money but it will get your face known and that is what its all about.


Hey buddy, its **********Much appreciated!!!

There is one thing though I applied for my sia a week ago after finishing Ronin and have been told to wait a few more weeks for it to return before I can start working in the uk. Which makes complete sense. I am however trying to build relationships with recruiters for when my licence arrives.

Again thanks Lee
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I agree, i'm a newly qualified c.p.o. with NO military experience, and as i read through some posts even i can spot the B.S.
I for one will never allow myself to lie my way into employment, i'll get my chance, and more importantly i'll get it the honourable way..

Stay safe everyone.
Yes Blackstone, there is that side of things but there is the other side to the story too. I have applied for a few jobs on this site and I have 12 years experience in the Army and ended up at the rank of Sergeant. I am working in Corporate Security and Executice protection now at the moment and have been for the last two years and I haven't even had a reply from my applications, never mind a job offer.
Great that you have brought this bone of contention out. The fact is people that lie do get jobs. This industry attracts Walter Mittys purely by the nature of it. I have worked with some of the most credible and skillful truth benders on contracts throughout the world not to mention here in Afghanistan. Employers just do not check CVs and look into backgrounds on big contracts its just bums on seats, sad but true. I have even had another female in the industry take on my history and experience as her own, scary! I am pleased that you are checking CVs and backgrounds of candidates many companies dont. Keep up the good work and lets keep these idots out of the industry and back in Tesco's. They are a liability!
I mean not to offend any of the users on CP World as I think the concept itself is great and the way its managed is also excellent, sure it has faults, but it’s in a field of its own and it creates discussion on issues that would otherwise be left unspoken.

I do however have an issue which I will put out for folks to either rant or defend or simply ignore.

I DO place posts on here to recruit individuals, I always put the exact specific requirement for the task in hand, i.e. experience, nationality, military background, languages or various specialist skills (med/dog handler/EP or RST). So here’s the question.

Why is it, that individuals like myself, Praetorian, M4MED and dozens of others that recruit, giving specific requirements for a task, have to suffer relentless private messages from people who are prepared to lie about everything from there nationalities to over compensating there minimal experience ???

There are some very professional operators that use this site and I always focus on that, but sometimes there are some complete *censored**censored**censored**censored*ers that muddy the waters for others and I find it so very frustrating... if you couldn’t tell.

I am interested in debating this and would love to hear some defence

Stay Safe


I will PM you the details of the company in london that are currently taking on with the details of the Ops manager so that you can bypass the initial rubish. Anybody else wanting them can have them but i will give patch 24hrs head start as i promised him first.

Hi guys,

Some good reading on the above, but there is only one way to stop it.........that is us! Clear and simple don't lie. As already pointed out about the WM who put BS,etc on CV's these days is at a high percentage, but a CV is just a paper exercise and it is up to companies/individuals to complete a vetting process on personnel before they risk reputation and lose contracts. Yes, I am aware that it takes time (several years experience of vetting), but weigh up the pro's and con's........good client, good contract, CV's look good, we are ready to go, ah ha, these guys are not performing as well as one thought from what one can read from a CV, or even look like they can do the job for obvious reasons.

Recently a guy had the brass neck to write down on his CV that he had his MSc, unfortunately for him the person interviewing was actually completing a MSc, and knew darn well the gentleman in question had never undertaken is shameless!

I agree, i'm a newly qualified c.p.o. with NO military experience, and as i read through some posts even i can spot the B.S.
I for one will never allow myself to lie my way into employment, i'll get my chance, and more importantly i'll get it the honourable way..

Stay safe everyone.

If a guy can lie about their experience/background on their profile here, is it surprising that some do it on their Cv's too? I've worked in the sandpit for nearly 4 yrs now and the thing that constantly surprises me, is if we can spot the bull merchants within an hour, why can't the recruiters who send them to us. (not a dig at recruiters!)
I was sent for an interview by a recruitment company who had blatantly lied to their client about me. This was evident in the first 5 minutes. The guy had the decency to give me a full interview but surprise surprise no job offer. The recruitment company have been very slow in providing me with feedback over this. Hmmmm................
Because in this business you get so many cowboys. Be nice with a site ( not possible ) with a rating system / feedback like eBay.

Danish, live in UK. Close protection course 1995 ( Farleigh Projects / Group 4 UK )
8 years Military back ground. Sgt. - VIP convoy instructor, Recce.
Been out for a few years, want to get back into the business.
Any help / advice do not hesitate do contact me.

The problem with this over flooded industry is a porous selection and vetting system by an inadequate monitoring organisation, as an ex CP Instructor i have first hand knowledge of what a commercial market has to accommodate, 'bums on seats', the ethics of wanting to as in the military pass someone who actually meets the requirements and physical attributes is long gone the dollar speaks volumes.

I agree with Blackstone et al a line needs to be drawn perhaps an independant governing body away from governmental money making schemes with unqualfied individuals dictating what is the minimum requirement.

This is a age old honourable profession and needs to be paid the correct attention and professionalism by organisations and individuals alike.

I also could not agree more heartidly that 'walters' are getting into positions of extreme responsibility and influence, ranging from dinasours and 'movie extras'

Something needs to be adressed before Governmental Organisations and lack of control so dilute this profession and industry,

I hope this offers up more contsructive arguement
I agree with some of the comments, there are always going to be the walter mitty out there I find it fascinating that when we served in the forces wherever in the world we would not be so open to so our faces on photos and in some cases give away where we live.

I am not CP trained but I have worked in Iraq (3 Months not long I know but thats me being honest), and the security industry for the last 19yrs, however I would not go into great detail about certain aspects of my work, only after I felt comfortable about the person I was sharing it with, and even then I would not divulge companies I have worked wither regards to their polices procedures etc.

It can be a jobs for the boys network, so what, but lets put things into perspective I never reccommend friends if I feel that there is somewhat chance they will let you down or it can take many years to build up a reputation to be shattered in a second.

I love to network and I can chat the back legs of an elephant (donkeys are over rated, lol), I believe in sharing knowledge which comes from experience, and lets face it the training is very expensive, take away the posh hotels, take away the luxury surroundings and i think you will see it can be reduced vastly.

We are not always going to be in luxury surroundings there is always a marked cost and one that places people in a very profitable position, there will be a day that someone will say enough is enough and will have a training facility which i may add will still be accrediated to ensure compliance, but will be a fraction of the cost.

I am not just saying that its the CP training companies that are to blame there are many other training providers who are doing the exactly the same, I am slowly taking courses to allow me to facilitate various areas of security, H&S, Travel Security, and again I will put this to everyone who does not undertsand the rule about training, you do not have to have the hands on experience (but it can and does help in some cases), to teach a subject, for example, History teachers have not experienced all the decades of events but can facilitate the knowledge to others.

If I have hit a raw nerve it was not intentionallky done, but I welcome the feedback.
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