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Remembrance Day, 2014


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Jun 25, 2009
I was on leave out of Pakistan and met up with my family. I touched down a week before remembrance day and immediately got a poppy from the first available place. To be honest i just felt it was wrong to not have one displayed. My Son and daughter who are 10yo and 8yo asked if they could also have one. I immediately put some additional cash in the box and retrieved another additional poppy's. I asked them if they understood what it meant. My son answered that he had been covering lessons on WW1 and its about those who were killed, my daughter wasn't sure. I explained to them about all the wars that men and woman have given their lives to, and the current ones that are still happening and by wearing a poppy your showing everyone that you know and that you are thankful. It was great to see my kids wearing those poppies with such pride. While walking through the city my daughter asked me, why are so many people not wearing one......sadly i didn't really have an answer.
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