Req: Advice for Security Training for NGO officer


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Hello Guys! I am new on this forum and I would like to ask if you can use your expertise and experience to help me. I work now for a little NGO in Africa, and I am responsible also for security of staff. Next mission I would like to go to a more volatile context like Iraq or Afghanistan and, as I will be again responsible for staff security, I would like to be more prepared and qualified. Part of my job is passive security of buildings, perimeter, evacuation plans, movements of staff, risk analysis etc. I am looking for an ONLINE training that could help me to improve my skills and teach me something new. I found these 2 options that I am considering: ISMI - CSMP (It looks for me the one that fits the most to my needs) Diploma in Security management BTLE 5 I noticed also some master from Leicester (1 year option) and an online training from ISA - Israel but the first one looks too academic and the second one not reliable (my feeling). I am not really interested in university credits, I just need something practice and well done that will help me in my future assignment. Anyone can please advise me about these two or suggest me for something else? Thanks a lot


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Hi, I know a few guys who have done the CSMP course and all have said it was well run and met their needs. Good luck!


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Arc Training do a good overview course of those things. It's their Security Coordination and management bred level 4.
It is not online but it's a 5 day course.
I'm not sure a course exists online for what you need.
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If you need any advice fell free to get in touch.