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Jun 29, 2007
Revenue Sharing

What we have done is setup a system so the ad revenue can be shared between all active members of this forum (I've installed a mod to do this.)

This forum displays an advertisment under the first post in a thread. We use Google AdSense to automatically serve relevant ads for the content on the page. Google pays AdSense publishers on a per click basis as well as per impression.

If a forum user has an AdSense account, they have the ability to credit their account with the ads served on threads they start or participate in.

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Why are you doing this?

A forum is nothing without the users. This allows advertising income generated from clicks on the ads to be shared 50/50% with the forum posters.

How do I set it up?

You will need to go to the Edit Profile area of your user control panel. At the bottom of the page, you will find an option to enter your AdSense client ID.

To see your AdSense id login to your AdSense account and click on my account.

Look at the very bottom of that page and you'll see it (this starts with pub-XXXXXX)

You can optionally specify a Channel if you wish as well. Once you have a Google AdSense client ID on your account and you have made more than 10 posts to the forum, any thread you participate in has a chance to show ads that credit your AdSense account.

I'm worried about you having my AdSense Client ID.

The only info we need for it is info that is publicly available if you look at the source of any page that has your AdSense ads. If you are still worried about it then the best thing to do is not participate.

How long will you be doing this?

While I can't guarantee it will run forever, there are no plans to stop it at any point. But we do retain the right to halt the program or make adjustments to it as necessary if it's not working out in it's current form for whatever reason.

I look at the HTML source on posts I've made and I never see my AdSense Client ID.

The system will never display your own AdSense Client ID to you (as long as you are logged in). This is to prevent people from unknowingly violating the Adsense terms and conditions (specifically the part about clicking your own ads).

If you have any questions please reply below.
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