Riot Control Training HMS Cambridge


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Quick question can anyone remember what the riot control training carried out at HMS Cambridge used to be called I cant for the life of me remember I think it may have been along the lines of civil unrest. It was abandoned early nineties due to the injury rate we were told when we did our two's course and my memories of the training whilst on babies course consist of cowering behind a riot shield and being battered by gleefull LS(M)'s. That said I have been advised to put it on my C.V so I would like the correct title of the training.



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Please PM me as I served at HMS CAMBRIDGE and am a still serving gunner who may be able to help you out, however todays OPTAG/PDT outways what we were ever taught in the early years. I still teach the same subject but we require a more controlled and quantifiable lesson now as a pose to us mad gunners throwing things at you from the road and the roof!!


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It was IS Platoon training mate, agree with operator144 public order training suits better with todays world.


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Ha ha political correctness gone mad .I totally agree with both above posts but wasnt IS Platoon training done in your last few weeks of basic where as riot training was done by Northern Ireland courses i could be wrong but i was at Cambridge in 88 and cant remember, but i do remember petrol bombs being banned after some muppet lifted up his riot shield and got burnt