RIPA(S) FOR DUMMIES, or just one in particular

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I might have an opportunity in the offing and require advice and alot of guidance regarding Covert Data Collection and the implications with referance to RIP(S)A 2000.

It's been many years since I studied any aspect of the UK legal system and I'm a complete Dummy with regards to RIP(S)A 2000.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I've a few questions.............which will probably lead on to more than a few questions, ad infinitum.

As you are inquiring about 'RIP(S)A', are you aware that this is the Scottish Law version of RIPA 2000? That's what the (S) is all about and slightly different than the English / Welsh version (RIPA 2000).

PM me if you have any queries as I may have an 'dummies' guide for you.


Peter @ ISS
Fished out the paragraph below from one of the periodic updates I get relating to RIPA...if it's in wrong forum, please shift it !

2010 No. 521

The substantive changes made by the Order are as follows. Article 2 of the Order amends Schedule 1 of RIPA to remove the Ministry of Defence from Part I of that Schedule so that it will no longer be permitted to authorise directed surveillance or the conduct or use of covert human intelligence sources under RIPA. Article 2 adds the Child Maintenance and Support Commission (which provides services previously exercised by the former Child Support Agency) to Part II of the Schedule. It also moves the Port of Dover Police, Department for Work and Pensions, Postal Services, Commission and the Royal Mail (by virtue of being a universal postal service provider within the meaning of the Postal Services Act 2000) from Part I to Part II of the Schedule, thereby removing their entitlement to authorise the use and conduct of covert human intelligence sources. The Health and Safety Executive is moved from Part II to Part I which means it may authorise the use of both investigatory techniques. A minor amendment is also made to Part I of Schedule 1 to replace an out of date reference relating to a fire and rescue authority.​

...mebbe not the right forum....but...if I'm reading it right....MoD NOT allowed to run covert ops...but the CSA is ?....please tell me I'm wrong !

Adding the CSA to part II does not mean they have carte blanche to conduct directed surveillance they still have to justify it's use. The same goes for the MoD which may cover SIB,PNSS, MOD Police. The individulas conducting surveillance on John Charles de Menenzes were from Pontrilas and maybe this type of task needs to be authorised in future by a more stringent test.

The CSA are a cash generating source for the Government a profit making organisation where the MoD are not, Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ripa (uk)

RIPA is all about Govermnt bodies- Police- Customs -trading standards and MOD yes and RMP etc. Local authorities comply with it and some investigators follow the spirit of the Act. You must read up on ECHR as well if you are going for a job interview and you bluff it you will come unstuck. Lots on internet look it up and then focus the questions. watch out for bluffers ther is a lot of duff info about. If you get questions about RIPA and procedure you will be up against people who have used it (prosecution and defence). Old Bill are best at it.(Well some times!) Dont believe all you will see in some training manuals.Get up to date advice from a training provider who is or has been an operator in the evidence gathering world. Be aware that some agencies and trainers are not compliant and will get caught out.