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For anyone who saw my previous post : http://www.closeprotectionworld.com/royal-marines/85935-what-makes-marine.html
I am referring to the same person.
Today, I am going out to hopefully use my photographic skills to photograph the above named as he carries proud the Commonwealth baton.
He is carrying it about 300 yards downhill, and there has been about 10 minutes set aside in the schedule for him to do this.
As described in the link above, I have seen the determination inherent, and I still maintain that he will always be fitter than me.

I just wanted to post something on here to state how exceptionally proud I am of his achievements (and I have no reason to be proud of them - they are HIS achievements, but the admiration I have, I can't put in to words.)

Posting this on here rather than Facebook, because I know he is a member here, and I don't want to lead to countless "gushings" on his FB page on how wonderful he is. Inspirational yes, but a still a grumpy b*st*rd - and that is nothing to do with his condition - he always has been!

Anyway.... off out to take photos of him (thank you to peter @ ISStraining for the tips from his book that initially gave me the basics in photography)

For anyone interested in a link to the above named Marine's Blog, you will find it here: Life with MS by a former Royal Marine Commando - Blog

There are mere snippets on his blog - hope you others can find it as inspirational and amusing as I do.

Wishing you all good health and happiness.