Royal Irish, Rangers and UDR

Whilst you's were all have a breeze staging on the Lisburn Shield some of us were doing real work tramping the cuds !!!!
Soc , I know you , you had a bit of a bump @ Broadway one morning and had to "leave " your car and move to a erv to await pickup LOL
hows things fellas i was ex 1st batt then 9RIR then ended up in 2RIR some may know me from the nickname stalker like a few of you guys im in the same boat tryin to get into cp so any info tips or advice would be great keep in contact fellas
Hi Stalker

I did my CP course last May and got my SIA license in July.

From then on it was send out CV and then a few weeks later send an another copy just saying that you are still available for work.

I also used the email as a covering letter, wich in my case, I was got me the job.

I have been in Iraq from Dec.

Unfortunately unless you are ex regiment or have good mates in the right places, it is wait out I am afraid.

Don't give up as it took me nearly 6 months and I know a lot of blokes that say the same.

cheers pal done all of the above just passed mine with g4s and got my sia licence .g4s have contacted my employer and referees and tell me im waitin on fco clearance but stop short of tellin me ive got a job loads of the friends, ex rir are out there now just wish i had of done it sooner (the joys of bein married lol) well keep in touch and cheers FAB!!
heres hopein mate but everything has happened since the interview at the end of the course most of it by email!! hopefully see you soon steve!!
Guys this is more specific to the guys in iraq or afghan

can you give any advice on how to approach the companies with regards to work cvs sent all the time with a few standard replies (thanks for the cv) or is it better to phone and ask about work ,seems to be a lot of feedback that n ireland service doesnt count totally lost on how to approach it!!
Any way my name is steve and I am ex 1st Batt RIR and 9th Bat RIR.[/QUOTE]

hi steve
am i done 9 years 1 royal irish . then to 4 royal irish .