Royal Irish, Rangers and UDR

ex 7 and 8 royal irish then 3 after 2000 with merge of 3 royal irish done the ring of stell in lisburn loads times when we done the PVCP in lisburn.

whats the story lads just looking for a bit of advice i recently tried to get into the irish army and i might aswell just do the lottery its a load of bolox so ive decided to go for the ba even though ill be disowned by friends and family fuk dem its my life. im from the republic and have put my juvenile chip on shoulder behind me for my futures sake just wondering what irish regiment would be reccomended for getting deployed as quick as possible to iraq or afgan preferably infantry any advice greatly appreciated

I served in 9 RIR E Coy then with the amalgamation 2 RIR H Coy, from 95 to 06. I was in the part time so i'll stand by and await the slagging from the full timers :)

Aiming to get a course with either G4S, Ronin concepts or Control risks once i get the cash sorted.

Kirby , Id never slag someone for being a SHEET .... I would however slag some one for being 9 RI LOL , also conf32eire .... youll be waiting a long time if you join the British Army and deploy to Iraq ???
Oh yes , Im sorry if Im wrong ...maybe its me being a securocrat....your user name looks well dodgy as we all know there are NOT 32 COUNTIES IN IRELAND
Try Irish Guards if you want to do ceremonial duties in London & Windsor as well as Infantry deployments. Doubt you will get a quick deployment as being Irish it can take 6 months to a year to get your security clearance. PSNI are recruiting a lot from the south if no luck with Army.
Greetings Danny , if its the old comrades day if you pop into your local legion or regt ass they will give you the details as you will no doubt have to submit your details to palace for screening
Great days craic at the reunion day last year, ended up a late one by the time we finished off at the legion after. Will be there this year again with the guys from Lisburn.
no need to be a smart arse fluffy, just because im joining the ba doesent mean im not irish and that i dont know the history of my country and the to this day unrecognised disgusting things the ba did in MY country of course i want a united ireland but this is certainly not the place to get into that. im also willing to use the british army as a way forward in my life as the irish army are not recruiting, just in future get of your high horse before you make a comment or just dont comment at all thanks
hi guys im QRH its not the RIR but still wear the harp im leaving the army in january 2012 and am hoping to work CP so any advice would be greatly appreatiated
As we load up to move to N Ireland, a final note to let you all know that we are still accepting entrants onto the hostile area FPOS(I) course in Co Antrim next week. This is an opportunity for you to gain the qualification preferred by SIA main employers and the skills to help you stand out from the field and enhance your employability without the hassle and expense of travelling to England. The all up cost is £450 and a deposit of £200 will secure your place. email us at or to take advantage of this introductory offer.
Hi Guys, I'm ex micks and 7 Royal Irish. CP license just through so started emailing the cv out, any advice or poc in coys would be much appreciated. FAB
Im ex 1st Royal Irish, left in 2008. Living in Scotland and after a few years out Im now looking to get into CP work so any pointers appreciated lads. Hoping to get some work that will help fund my CP trainign and licence. Be great to hear from anyone with pointers for me..
I flew over to the seminar at Ronin Concepts last week to see what the course is all about, got a good insight into the course content and i'm surprised how much report writing there can be, wasn't expecting there to be just so much. A few guys on the current course were over for a chat as well, they have nothing but good things to say about the course. Hoping now funding and leave allowing to be on the October course. Anyone else looking at attending ?
CV updated and new passport arrived so now ready to start looking for work. Anyone know of any companies who expecially like ex-RIR lads? Any help appreciated..