Royal Welch 1st batt


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Mate I think you need to make 5 posts before you can PM.

Hi Aus,I shall give that ago,I was using the computers in work which are old school,Im looking to do my CP Course with Task International in March/April time.Is the Industry still busy out in the Middle East ,thanks again bud


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Merry xmas

Would like to wish all à Merry Xmas were ever you are in the world,and à happy new year.


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Ex Acoy and HQ got out in 2001 to donate a kidney to my older brother or would of stayed in, good to see you all guys, looking for a hook up in Iraq or any hostile environment or any CP work to get my foot on the ladder, qualified and licensed cheers.


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1999-2007 c coy, patrols plt and recce plt

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Hey guys ex jav and deltas got out last year
Just hopeing for tips and good advice as i wish i did this when i left the army and not waited a year


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Hi all just about to get out just completed cp course with pheonix g4s hope your all well

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RWF from 97 to 01 went to the AAC. Out now and looking to get into CP work but need to do the course and get my license first, any help or guidance would be great.