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Russian Bombers Could Have Gathered Vital Intelligence

Aug 1, 2010
In what is becoming an increasingly regular occurrence, it would seem, the Russian’s once again invaded British space in a bid to try and gather intelligence on our security techniques and levels. In February, two Russian “Bear†Bombers were located off the coast near Cornwall and while they were escorted out of British airspace, experts have warned that they could have gathered vital intelligence.

This is only the latest in a series of similar events, with forces deployed to located Russian submarines in British waters last year. Security experts have said that the scrapping of maritime patrols and the Nimrod project have left the country without the capability to properly patrol its waters or airspace. In April, during another incident involving the Russians, HMS-Argyll was deployed to monitor a destroyer and two other ships from Russia as they passed through the English Channel. Five retired senior RAF figures have even written to the Daily Telegraph to warn that the planes likely gathered valuable intelligence and that axing the Nimrod fleet has given the Russians and other intruders the opportunity to prejudice the security of Trident.

They went on to say that it was now more important than ever to reintroduce maritime patrol aircrafts in a bid to shore up defences and to prevent further incidents such as those reported. The Commons Defence Committee recently gave a similar warning, and said that a range of defences including missiles, warships, and tanks, were required in order to prevent further acts of aggression by Russian president Vladimir Putin.

A defence review in 2010 saw the Nimrod plan axed in a move that the government hoped would make £2bn in austerity cuts. The plan was heavily criticised at the time, not only because it would leave the country largely defenceless but also because more than £3bn had already been invested in the project. However, the plan to scrap the project still went ahead. However, in July 2014, it was announced that the government was considering buying in US planes to replace the fleet of Nimrod.

At the time the fleet was scrapped, the government hinted that they were a throwback to the Cold War, and that such deterrents were no longer needed. Critics argued that underwater spying did not occur because of the existence of the Nimrod planes. Following the recent incidents, creating news reports that are reminiscent of the days of the Cold War, it would seem that the government was wrong and their critics right to slam the idea of getting rid of the deterrent.

Unfortunately, the scrapping of the Nimrod project was only one of a number of measures that were taken by the government in a bid to reduce defence expenditure, and the combined effects of the austerity cuts and defence spending cuts means that many parties, including senior officials, believe that the country has become increasingly exposed to external threats.


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Jun 18, 2014
Nah!! I got satellites (in orbit from Guyana (french) by the ESA or from Baikonur ("URSS")) and no fear for cyber war as the russian bear is sleep so no need for "expensive" and "unreliable" planes that also pollute the air (more than a ICBM??) or even a buoy with more electronic and satellite connected (again invulnerable to a cyber attack) that can make me put a destroyer in the sea in say less than 5 days?? from the receipt of the alarm signal if the harbor is well suited with troopers, some gallons of fuel and maybe some anmo...


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Sep 6, 2012
It is even easier to just log on to http://newsletters.pennnet.com/mae_enl/306670261.html and get them to send updates in your Email a few times a week.
Plus; "Google is your friend" to check out which agency is doing what, to whom, when, how, including kit used.
Then there's this... MI5 warns British officials to beware of Russian 'honey traps' as relations worsen over Ukraine - Mirror Online
I love it! Warms the cockles of my old heart, with wonderful memories of another life. Especially as nowadays, as most of the Woofters have retired...
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