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Securing the Commercial Premises

Jun 8, 2020
A lot of documents and files were found missing from our next-door office. Since the building was too old, there was no restricted entry system. Anybody from outside was able to enter the building at any time of the day. The situation made other employees in that building, and ourselves tensed. We all were worried about safeguarding the equipment and documents. All the employees from various offices in that building gathered together to decide on the premises’ safety. When we enquired about the safety measures adopted in other office buildings built recently, we got an idea to install alarm systems. So we approached a company that does the installation of alarm systems. They were so helpful in getting the alarm systems installed in every office of our building. Several months passed by since it got fixed. We all are satisfied with this solution as we can confidently leave our office at any time now. Can anyone share your views on the importance of installing alarm systems n the office premises?
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